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What's going on with my Ford Mustang transmission?

A clunking sound while shifting gears.

General problems when shifting between gears.

Problems shifting gears in cold temperatures.

Gears slip or jerk.

Gears clash and harshly engage.

In 2023, Ford faced new class action lawsuits alleging dangerous issues with multiple models, including the F-150, Mustang, Expedition, and others using the 10R80 transmission. Plaintiffs assert these vehicles can suddenly lose power and accelerate unpredictably, posing injury risks from collisions.

Ford claims that "adaptive learning" in the transmission computer causes shifting problems that supposedly resolve over time. However, many owners report recurring problems even after software updates, part replacements, and repeated repairs under warranty. Vehicle buybacks exceed $47 million, confirming the scope of this issue.

Ford’s popular uses the 10R80, an innovative 10-speed automatic transmission, across all models since the 2018 model year update. This transmission was designed jointly with General Motors to achieve greater efficiency through more optimized gear ratios for acceleration and fuel economy. The 10R80 is also used in other Ford vehicles like the F-150, Expedition, Ranger, and various luxury Lincoln SUV models.

Despite the initial fanfare over this high-tech gearbox, drivers soon discovered some serious flaws once the vehicles accumulated miles. Owners encountered rough, jerky gear changes, along with delayed acceleration responses referred to as "hesitation". Even worse, some vehicles lost all power suddenly at highway speeds due to complete transmission failure. Ford has issued over a half dozen technical service bulletins about various 10R80 defects, ranging from faulty valve bodies and leaking gaskets to defective torque converters.

These problems pose real safety issues in addition to damaging Ford’s reputation for toughness. Rapid unexpected deceleration or inability to accelerate can force dangerous merges in traffic. Ford’s inability to permanently resolve these defects after multiple software updates and part replacements has led to escalating legal claims. Now a series of new 2023 lawsuits put Ford on the defensive over this transmission.

If you live in Sacramento and are having these problems with your Ford Mustang, bring it into our shop and let us determine exactly what's going on. We can get your transmission fixed and put you back on the road!

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