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What's going on with my Jeep Rubicon transmission?

The Wrangler Rubicon model was released in 2003 and it instantly became a popular Jeep edition. It has a powerful transfer case, low gear range, and rocker protection. The tires on the Rubicon are also designed specifically for traveling over mud-terrains. The Rubicon was made to explore off-road. You can bet that the designers who drew the blueprint of the Rubicon had a bumpy trip in mind! This model was designed to make its own way through raw trails and mountainous roads. The Rubicon’s off-road capacity far outshines most of the other Wrangler models.

The most important difference between these two models is their performance off-road and the price. A Wrangler Sport is less expensive than a Rubicon. However, there are also many interior and exterior adds-on that are available to pump up your Wrangler.

Four-Wheel Drive Systems: The Wrangler Sport has the Command-Trac system, while the Wrangler Rubicon has a Rock-Trac system.

Axle Ratios: A 3.21 axle ratio comes standard for Saharas, which is significantly lower than the 4.10 axle ratio for the Rubicon.

Front Axles: Both the Wrangler sport and Rubicon have the same rear axles, the Wrangler Rubicon is equipped with a Dana 44 axle in the front. The Sport features the Dana 30 solid front axle.

Differentials: Since the Wrangler Rubicon is geared toward off-roading, it has Tru-Lok differentials for the front and rear rather than the conventional differentials found in the Wrangler.

Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect: Only the Wrangler Rubicon features the Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect, which really comes in handy when you are on the trails.

There are a few potential causes. The first, and easiest to remedy, is low transmission fluid or a dirty transmission filter. A worn or stuck pressure solenoid can prevent the transmission from keeping proper fluid pressure, which will often affect shifting from first to third.

The problem can also be caused by a wiring or sensor failure. If the problem occurs only with fourth gear, the overdrive solenoid is likely the issue.

Torque Converter or Overdrive Problems occur in the 42RE and 42RE 4-speed transmission in 2000 and later Rubicon models.

The problem is usually intermittent, and it will often cause the “check engine” light to come on. The easiest way to determine the cause is to have it checked with a code reader.

A broken cover plate is common with these transmissions. It will trigger a P1740 code. There’s an upgrade kit available to repair this problem.

The other common cause is faulty sensors. Input/output and throttle body sensor failure will cause the torque converter clutch to not engage properly. If this is the case, we will need to replace the faulty sensor.

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